Hello all! My name is Christine. My current obssesion are otome games, mostly Voltage games. I will most likely post my artwork or pictures that I find hilarious/relatable. Feel free to ask me anything.

thedollymaker said: (Oooh I love fun facts!) I scare very easily but I love horror books and films. When I freak myself out and can't sleep, I tuck the duvet under my feet, pull it up to cover my ears and mouth cause we all know monsters are beaten by duvets!



I get so scared so easily! I want to love horror films because I think most plots is really interesting and I’m such a scaredy cat to focus on the story.

There’s this horror game I love to death (because of the storyline) but I can’t beat because it’s too scary.

Oooh!! Which game??

I love watching my husband playing scary video games, we’ve been doing it since we started seeing each other. I’ll just be there with a cushion to bury my face in clinging onto his clothes screaming, “OMG NO! No no no no, they are so going to get you!”

Hahahahaha awwwww that’s super cute. x3

Fatal frame II. I can handle monsters, failed experiments and whatnot but not ghost. I don’t know why. *cries*



What if there’s one pudding left?
I hope you don’t mine I drew you! *runs away*

OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! XD
YES THIS IS TOTALLY WHAT WOULD HAPPEN although i liked your initial mud wrestling idea too
Only pudding could turn Saeki into a grumpy husbando too lol

Oh trust me I’m drawing it as we speak. ;D
What if there’s one pudding left?
I hope you don’t mine I drew you! *runs away*
Anonymous said: *pokes*



So… lntellectual… This is how the picture showed on my screen, and just froze like this for a minute, with me awkwardly scrolling cuz he ain’t MY bias… Lol

I have to grace everyone with this so I apologize if it stopped and you didn’t get the full effect. Pffffft XD
She’s too fab
I can’t Q A Q


So. I bought and played Kippei’s route for In Your Arms Tonight


Yes. Kippei BBY. Ugh. IYAT my game for when I want to cry.

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Anonymous said: fact/confession: i feel like if i start the new anime thats going around tumblr Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ill never have a life and ill just drown in anime so instead i play otome routes because they end quicker

Balancing life and anime is a stuggle but I say you should watch it anyway!

*terrible influence*

If I get addicted to an anime, it makes sense if I watch some a day so I can love it longer. NOPE NOT WITH ME I WILL TRY TO WATCH THE ENTIRE SERIES IN ONE DAY!

Cause I love it that much pffft