Hello all! My name is Christine. My current obssesion are otome games, mostly Voltage games. I will most likely post my artwork or pictures that I find hilarious/relatable. Feel free to ask me anything.


lntellectual loveless-beloved Haha look at your husbands

I beg your pardon Yamochi face Saeki has A LOT going for him XD
hetaliaawesomenessposts said: Have you drawn attack on Titan? I saw the contest and see that Saeki is in uniform! Can you teach me? PLZ

Of course! I love drawing Levi XD

And idk what I’m suppose to teach you O_o

You won’t learn much from me
XD I’m not a very good teacher

The head is almost done XD
Anonymous said: Ate you the only one that play and can afd on line play?

No anyone can add me on line play :D

Anonymous said: You have two line accounts?

Yes pfffft

I found this when doing my monthly computer cleaning!

Idk what I was thinking.